What is vacuum drying method?


Vacuum drying is a mass transfer technique that involves removing moisture from a substance, usually a wet solid, by creating a vacuum. Best vacuum oven is an important unit activity in chemical processing industries such as food processing, pharmacy, agriculture, and textiles to remove moisture. Vacuum drying is a technique for drying hygroscopic and heat-sensitive substances that works on the premise of creating a vacuum to lower the chamber pressure below the water's vapour pressure, forcing it to boil. The pressure around the substance to be dried is decreased using vacuum pumps.

This lowers the boiling point of the water inside the product, resulting in a considerable increase in the rate of evaporation. As a result, the product's drying rate has greatly increased. [2] The vacuum drying pressure is typically 0.03–0.06 atm, while the boiling point of water is 25–30 °C. The vacuum oven method is a batch operation that allows for faster drying by using lower pressures and lower relative humidity than ambient pressure.

The vacuum dryer is the piece of equipment that allows vacuum drying to take place. The vacuum dryer is also known as a vacuum oven in the pharmaceutical business. Vacuum dryers are sometimes made of cast iron, but the majority of them are now made of stainless steel to withstand the high vacuum pressure without deforming. The oven is separated into hollow trays, which enhances the heat conduction surface area. To minimise the pressure, the oven door is airtight and connected to a vacuum pump.

The materials to be dried are kept on the trays inside the vacuum dryer and pressure is reduced by means of vacuum pump. The dryer door is tightly shut and steam is passed through the space between trays and jacket so that the heat transfer occurs by conduction. Water vapors from the feed is sent into the condenser and after drying vacuum pump is disconnected and the dried product is collected from the trays.

Vacuum dryer can be used to dry heat sensitive hygroscopic and toxic materials. If the feed for drying is a solution, it can be dried using vacuum dryer as the solvent can be recovered by condensation. To improve quality of products, such as for fruit preservation, hybrid drying combining osmotic dehydration followed by heat pump drying and microwave-vacuum drying proved effective. 

Electric heating and drying box is suitable for all kinds of products and materials and electrical, instruments, instruments, components, electronics, electricians and automobile, aviation, communication, plastic, mechanical, chemical, food, hardware tools in the constant temperature environment conditions for drying and constant temperature test.

Product features:

The material of the studio is made of high quality stainless steel. The material of the box is a high quality cold rolled steel plate. The box is used with a spray technology and the whole design is fluent. It is suitable for the laboratory of scientific research units.

The insulation material between the workroom and the outer box is glass fiber insulation cotton, the thickness of the insulation layer is thickened, the heat insulation effect is good, the heat loss of the inner bladder is little, and the safety performance is excellent. The design between the workshop and the outer box is reasonable, which greatly reduces the loss of heat source.

The box door and door frame are made of high quality sealing material, high temperature resistance and good aging resistance. The inner shelf of the studio can adjust the height with the user's request.

The air duct in the box is made of a circulating air duct. The fan is composed of a multi blade centrifugal fan and a circulating air duct. The heat source of the electric heating pipe in the box is sent through the air duct to the working room. After the circulation in the studio, it is inhaled through another air duct to form a circulating hot air, which can make the heat recirculate and make the temperature in the box even and thus achieve the uniform temperature. The temperature in the studio is uniform. Find more details


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