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The place ofmassage is a place to provide ahealing bath using spring water richin minerals (in some cases seawater). Spas and health resorts (includingspas) usually offer a variety of health treatments, alsoknown as spa therapy. The beliefin the healing power of mineral water dates back to prehistoric times.Such practices are popular all over the world, but especially inEurope and Japan. The day spa isalso very popular and offers a variety of body caretreatments.  Body massage parlours specialise in offeringvarying types of massages for men and women. From Swedish body massage for reducing muscle tension and improving blood circulation to Ayurvedic massage for stimulating the energy points on the body, these massage parlours provide all kinds of massage services. The term is derived from the name of the town of Spa, Belgium, whose name is known from Roman times, when the location was called Aquae Spadanae, sometimes incorrectly connected to the Latin word spargere meaning to scatter, sprinkle or moisten. Since medieval times, illnesses caused by iron deficiency were treated by drinking chalybeate (ironbearing) spring water (in 1326, the ironmaster Collin le Loup claimed a cure,when the spring was called Espa, a Walloon word for "fountain"). massage near me singapore

In 16thcentury England, the old Roman ideas of medicinal bathing were revived at towns like Bath (not the source of the word bath), and in 1596 William Slingsby who had been to the Belgian town (which he called Spaw) discovered a chalybeate spring in Yorkshire. He built an enclosed well at what became known s Harrogate, the first resort in England for drinking medicinal waters, then in 1596 Dr. Timothy Bright after discovering a second well called the resort The English Spaw, beginning the use of the word Spa as a generic description. 

In a commercial context, the word is commonly claimed to be an acronym for various Latin expressions such as: B. Salus per aquam or sanitas per aquam. It means "health by water". This is very unlikely. Since there is no evidence that theacronym entered the language before the 20th century, the derivation did not appear until the early 21st century and could probably be abackronym. Also, it does not match the famous Roman name ofthe place. The therapist uses massage oil to smooth the skin, heat the muscle tissue towork, relieve tension, and performvarious massage strokes to loosen theadherent tissue called muscle knots and attachments. This promotes relaxation, relieves muscle tensionand creates other health benefits. Read more...


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